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BIM Engineering Services

We are adept to offering innovative and economical BIM solutions to our clientele across the globe. Revit BIM services allow the most prudent implementation of the entire architectural project.

We empower the team members and stakeholders involved in the project to get a real time view of a 4D pre-construction building model and other building modeling solutions related to the interiors and exteriors of a building.

Benefits of the BIM Services are as Follows:

    BIM Engineering Services
  • Encapsulates the overall project into one virtually integrated model wherein the design of the building to be constructed and faults and errors in the design are analyzed, identified and corrected even before the actual project is launched.
  • 3D or 4D Virtual BIM services enables to get the best results by constructing a virtual 4D model of the building and analyzes different facets of the building such as interiors, lighting, layout, exteriors and overall structure.
  • Enables project managers to analyze and review other aspects of the construction process such as logistics management, material procurement, cost management, and supply chain management.
  • Helps clients to eliminate excess scrap and wastage of material and to utilize the engineering tool for optimum results through prevention of errors during the initial stages of the project such as design and production.

We at BIM 5D Services provide BIM solutions to different industries with both small-scale and large-scale BIM construction projects.

Our aim is to simplify the construction process right from the design to the implementation phase by using cost effective BIM services, which look at all aspects of a construction project and help architects, engineers, material suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders involved in the project get a four-dimensional view of the pre-construction building model.

We at BIM 5D Services understand that a project needs to be nurtured and visualized accurately for it to become a profitable venture and our BIM solutions, assures our clients that through effective 4D BIM services all the large scale building projects can be completed with utmost precision and in the most economical manner.

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  • Powerdown
  • Kendrion
  • Kontron
  • Kayson International Corporation
  • Fuglesangs
  • Nomenca