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MEP BIM Drafting Services

BIM 5D Services offers one of the best services of MEP BIM CAD Drafting Services in India.

We specialize in MEP BIM Services with include MEP Revit Engineering, MEP 4D Modeling, MEP 3D CAD Models, MEP 3D BIM Coordination and MEP CAD Drafting Services.

BIM 5D Services offer extensive MEP services to architects, industry and institutions. Hundreds of projects are undertaken as well as stand alone work on HVAC and boiler upgrades, interior and exterior lighting design, fire protection, electrical power distribution and so on.

The BIM model service team is ably led by experienced and qualified mechanical and electrical engineers who are held responsible for all aspects of MEP Design Drafting Services.

MEP BIM CAD Drafting Solutions

Electrical System of MEP Drafting Includes:

  • Electrical schematics
  • Plans pertaining to electrical power and lighting
  • Electrical site plans
  • Cable drawings
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Architectural floor house
  • Wall pans and details
  • Structural foundation
  • Roofing plans and so on

MEP drafting services of BIM possess the technical expertise to draft a client's recommendation from preliminary design data provided and make sketches of design such as plan, drawing and so on. A client, when he opts to outsource MEP drafting service, stands to benefit from excellent technical skills and expertise.

Revit MEP Services

The MEP drafting services of BIM specialize in drawings across the various trades with vertical and horizontal dimensions to avoid probable interference with electrical, plumbing, ceiling frames and soon.

The areas of expertise in MEP drafting can be categorized separately under three subheadings- mechanical systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems.

MEP drafting services also provide plumbing engineering services as well. Value is added to a client's business by providing them a competitive edge through offering high quality plumbing design services at low costs.

Mechanical system includes costing system design, heating and cooling equipment selection, room layout design, fire protection system design, and duct drawings. MEP drafting services offer mechanical services entirely based on mechanical drafting, and are well known for ensuring cost effectiveness.

Get the best quality MEP BIM CAD Drafting Services.

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