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3D BIM Construction Quantity Take Off Services

The BIM based quantity take off used by BIM 5D services helps in analyzing model contents, calculating quantities, creating reports, and visualizing results. It also helps to connect 3D BIM Construction and Revit Autodesk based quantities with existing cost estimating and scheduling applications.

The BIM based Quantity Takeoff has the Following Features:

BIM Quantity Take Off
  • The BIM based quantity takeoff facilitates searching for objects in the building information model, utilizing various tools. It is possible to either perform a basic search or limit it to just a subset of BIM objects.
  • It is possible to define a quantity for each search result.
  • Locate search results using the visualization feature. If you happen to be modeler, you can make use of this feature to edit your building model.
  • With BIM based quantity takeoff, it is possible for you to export search results and quantities into Microsoft. It facilitates clients, project managers, site personnel and sub contractors to analyze the BIM quantities at various levels.
  • You can create smart 3 D visualization for your client, project manager, site personnel and subcontractors.

Quantity take off helps project managers and contractors in myriad ways. For instance, they are able to make a quick review of the building design and other design aspects. Furthermore, calculation of accurate quantities for various purposes can be made easily.

The BIM based quantity takes off improves communication as well, especially with the sub contractors. It facilitates integration with the existing BIM cost estimation, scheduling and other applications.

With respect to designers, BIM based quantity take off helps to increase the quality of building information models. Apart from helping to improve communication with clients, BIM based quantity take off provides accurate quantities for project managers or contractors.

The 5D BIM services aspire to provide dynamic wholesome integration among design, estimating, estimator, scheduling, progress and finance, culminating in cent percent project visibility, increased profits, decreased costs, faster cash flow and earned value reporting.

The 5D BIM services focus on cost, productivity and resource loaded estimating capabilities to complete the project cycle, creating a welcome synergy between existing systems.

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